Hello, Amazing Readers,

I hope you’ve all had and are still enjoying a blessed week. Good to have you join us for this week’s #ReviewThursday. We have something special for this week and I hope we can do it justice with this review. Ok, let’s get to it.

This might not be news to a lot of you but for those that do not know, this is for you. In celebration of Pastor EA Adeboye’s, General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, 81st birthday on 2nd March 2023, a biopic on his life was released globally.

The movie, titled after him, called Enoch simply told the story of from his early days. This is definitely a must-watch and the reviews have been fantastic. It already has about 1.4 million views on YouTube since its release a week ago. So, I don’t really know how best to cut this than to say to you, GO AND WATCH IT!

The journey started in his very early days as a boy in his village told in various critical chapters of his life that all just evolved naturally and beautifully through his adult life. Honestly, kudos to the whole team at Mount Zion Films Production and Solid Rock Foundation, they did an excellent job! The movie is very well-scripted and directed. And the acting? Top-notch! It is a story of grace, total obedience and trust in God, and most importantly, divine purpose.

They have made it very easy to watch, it is on Youtube, in case you didn’t catch that earlier. You can find it on Damilola Mike-Bamiloye’s Youtube Channel or on Solid Rock Foundation’s Youtube Channel. The movie lasts for about 2 hours but, trust me, it will be worth all of your time and more. If you’ve seen it, drop us a line in the comment section about your best scenes and key takeaways. And for those that haven’t seen it, go watch it and come back to tell us what you think.

God bless,