Dear Reader,

I trust you are doing exceptionally well today. God be praised!

Suppose you know or have been blessed by #HallelujahChallenge hosted by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey over the years. In that case, you must be super excited, as we are, about his soon-to-be-released album titled after the initiative, Halleluja Live. And if you didn’t know, now you do! 🙂

Hallelujah Live is set to launch on the 24th of March and I am 100% sure that the numbers on that album will be FIRE! We are waiting patiently. Whilst we do that, Pastor Nath graciously released an interview a few days ago on his YouTube channel to prepare our hearts for what we pray will be a gift from heaven. Subscribe to his Youtube channel if you haven’t done so already to avoid missing out!

God bless,

1nebody Team