Hello, Amazing Readers,

I trust that everyone is having a fantastic start to their week. We thank God for his mercies.

Our anchor scripture for this week’s #MeditationMonday is taken from Haggai 2:3 NIV “Who of you is left who saw this house in its former glory? How does it look to you now? Does it not seem to you like nothing?.” This was God speaking to Prophet Haggai after the Israelites had returned from exile and were trying to rebuild the temple of God. God sent instructions through Prophet Haggai to those that returned, and in this verse are questions for them. Here, God asked to know who saw the temple before it was destroyed. From God’s description of the temple here, there is no doubt, that it was majestic before it was destroyed, it was spectacular and exceptional. But the questions that followed are the best part of this verse for me. Which I believe holds a literal meaning that the temple looks like nothing now that it is destroyed. But the underlying meaning I got from this is that the majestic and glorious temple that was built long ago is absolutely nothing compared to what God was about to do. If you read further into the chapter, you see where God said that the glory of the new temple they will build will be far greater than the one that was destroyed. The one that probably looked like the greatest and unsurpassable at its prime.

What is your greatest achievement? How does that look to you now? Do you think you’ve done it all, you have accomplished what no one else can or does it look like nothing to you now that you think about it? Don’t let past victories hold you back from victories yet to come. God wants to raise you up, he wants to do greater things than what you think you have accomplished. He wants to fill you with his glory so that whatever you do now will surpass the great thing you think you have done before.

If we get hung up on past successes, the world is moving so quickly that we might get left behind if we are not careful. New innovations, new ideas, and industry/business disruptors are everywhere making whatever great inventions we have come to know look like nothing. God has promised to fill his house with his glory, and that glory will be greater than what we experienced before. So, God himself wants us to advance in life, he wants us to do better, and aim higher. I don’t know about you, but I receive God’s greater glory in my life for this season. The glory of God that will permeate my life and cause the later end of my life to be greater.

God bless,