Hello, 1nebody community,

May the peace of the Lord be with you all.

On today’s review is another recently released movie by Mount Zion Film Productions, 30 Pieces. I saw this movie right after it premiered on Sunday. It is about 2 hours long but trust me, it is worth every second.

It is a story of betrayal and the unending mercy of God. The movie brings to mind a lot of bible verses but the most profound for me is the one that says those that know their God, shall be strong and do great exploits (Daniel 11:32). For me, the movie is Daniel 11:32 come to life. It is the story of Judas Iscariot, from the bible, retold through the lens of the different shapes and sizes of “Judases” in the world today.

Two police officers who also happen to be spiritual brothers go head to head in their relationship with God and with each other as colleagues in the police force and also as friends in Christ. One gave up on God and their friendship and the other remained steadfast in his walk with God and fought for their relationship even when he was let down again and again. Therein lies the story of Jesus, the one who will never leave the 1 behind. Countless times we (the “Judases” of this time) have failed him but he remains faithful, never gave up on us and he never will. But, like in this movie, we must also master the art of choosing Jesus again and again.

There are so many powerful lessons packed into this one movie. Like the typical Mount Zion movies, if you know them, you will know that this one too is lighthearted, yet intentional, edifying, and powerful. I hope this movie blesses you and hope you enjoy watching it.

God bless,