Hello Amazing Reader,

It’s a beautiful new April. This month, there shall be no record of evil concerning you and yours. The glory of the Lord encompasses you round about, and you enjoy marvelous helps in Jesus name.

We’ve got good news for our community in Canada 😊 The Upper Room train gets to you in a few days. There’s been Upper Room Abuja, Lagos, London and now it’s your turn Canada 💃🕺

Get ready for a time of divine encounters and visitation on Friday 14th April 2023. Time is 5pm at Global Kingdom Ministries, Toronto, Ontario. It’s a free event, but registration is required. Please see Minister Dunsin’s page for additional information.

If you’d like to give towards this event, kindly do so here. Most importantly, please pray for Minister Dunsin. Ask God to empower him afresh for this event, let there be an outpouring of God’s anointing over every attendee, revival fire sweeps across Canada…You may include additional prayer lines as you are led.

Once again, have a thoroughly blessed April.

God’s blessings always,