Hello Amazing Reader,

Trust you are doing great.

Although the Easter holidays are officially over, the celebration is unending for believers. We continually rejoice for the victory Jesus won for us when He rose from the grave. Today’s review encapsulates this consciousness.

‘Oba ni Jesuis a Yoruba phrase that means Jesus is King. (Yoruba Language is spoken in Nigeria and some West African countries).

The song begins with a description of life without Jesus- dejected, guilty of sin, afflicted, and written off. But thanks to salvation, there is translation from death to life. 

If you have wondered (or you’re still wondering) about what salvation offers, please watch this video. EmmaOMG has done a beautiful job illustrating what life with Jesus presents. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand Yoruba language, the lyrics are translated for ease of understanding. I should also add that you can’t sit still listening to this. You’ll be dancing before you know it. Please hit the play button already 🙂

God’s blessings always,