Hello Amazing Reader,

How’s your week coming along?

For our Canadian neighbors, did you get a chance to attend Upper Room last weekend? What was your experience? If you missed it for any reason or you’d like to have a repeat experience, this is for you.

Upper Room Canada held over two days (Friday ,14th April and Sunday, 16th April) at Global Kingdom Ministries, Toronto, Ontario. I got to watch a bit of Sunday’s and it was supernatural. There were testimonies of healings, deliverances, salvation of souls, prophecies, to name a few.

It was a mighty move of God, for sure and it’s safe to say a mighty revival is sweeping across Canada.

Also, Minister Dunsin announced that by God’s grace he’d be back to Canada in August 2023 for The Outpouring. He’d be ministering with Ministers Travis Greene and Victoria Orenze. I’d recommend staying tuned to his page for further announcements.

In the meantime, click here to watch Day 1 and Day 2. Put together, both days would take over 10 hours to watch, but you could pace yourself and make the best of it. Please do share with others too.

Also, God bless Minister Dunsin and team!

God’s blessings always,