Hello Dear Reader, 

Happy Thursday 😊 Trust your week has been great? 

Have you seen the movie, Recitation? It’s one of the latest movies from Mount Zion Film Productions.  

I watched it about two weeks ago when it was released, and I think it’s an excellent movie.  

  • First, it is the most humorous Mount Zion movie I’ve seen just yet. The characters were naturally humorous and brilliant in delivery. 
  • It teaches a vital lesson about having faith in God, regardless of the circumstance. Testimony, the main character of the movie was a stammerer. He had struggled with this since childhood, yet his teacher felt he was the best candidate for a timed Bible competition. It seemed an unreasonable and unfair ask. But guess how it turned out? I’d let you find that out. 
  • God can ‘arrest’ anyone, using the most unlikely situation. Testimony’s father eventually came to Christ!  
  • Names are spiritual and very important. The name, ‘Testimony’ kept manifesting in the character’s life. What informs the names you give your children? 

I’d pause here and have you watch the movie for yourself. It is highly recommended. 

Please share your thoughts when you’ve watched it.