Hello Amazing Reader,

Trust you’re well and having a wonderful weekend. It’s the penultimate day of April 🙂Thank God for His mercies, protection, preservation, and for the numerous blessings that money cannot buy. Please take a moment to genuinely appreciate God for these and more.

In today’s post, we thought to remind you about one of our expressions- the Seasons Podcast; a dedicated testimony platform. We speak with persons that have experienced God in particular areas of their lives. They share their testimonies to glorify God and encourage others who may be going through a similar journey.

We’ve had three episodes so far. They border on deliverance from addiction, a restored self esteem, and a marital testimony. You can listen to all three here.

Also, tomorrow, April 30th is the last Sunday of the month and that means a new episode will be out God’s willing🥁🥁 Please look forward to this and subsequent episodes at the end of every month, using the same link. Kindly engage with these episodes and share with others too.

Have a great month ahead.

God bless you!

The 1nebody Team