Happy Thursday! It is good to see the end of another week. We thank God for his mercies and for yet another week. I believe it has been and still is a productive week for everyone.

Today, we will be reviewing a sermon by Apostle Selman. I believe this is an extract from his ministration at Gaining Momentum Conference. Unfortunately, I can’t find the full sermon, so, I am not 100% sure of the actual title of the sermon. Alright then, let’s go straight into it.

The anchor scripture of his sermon was from Acts 2:42 KJVAnd they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.” The Apostle spoke to the verse by highlighting each point in it as seeds that we must sow for the harvest that we desire. Here are the 5 seeds;

  1. Investing in the study of the Word

This is a seed you sow in the spirit. You have to immerse yourself in the Word. Even the apostle confirmed that starting out a new habit or resolution is easy but sticking to it is the hard part, but you have to make up your mind, no more spiritual ignorance. You must invest in the Word, and stay in the Word until the light of God drives out all the ignorance. He also used the illustration of a farm to drive home his point. The popular saying “the grass is greener on the other side,” Apostle Selman explained that instead of admiring someone else’s farm, sit down to cultivate your own. Because no grass starts out being green, it takes the diligence of a farmer to plant and weed the farm which becomes a source of admiration for others.

2. Fellowship Psalm133:1

This is investing in the corporate gathering of believers, whether it is convenient or not. Because there are many breakthroughs and revelations that you get when you are in the house of God that may be closed from you in your personal time with God. He calls it the corporate anointing that comes only from unity. The blessing that has been made available through other people’s dealings and experiences with God.

3. Communion, breaking of bread

This is an extension of unity. Sometimes communal activities are inconvenient but the apostle encouraged us not to break the capacity to break bread with other believers.

4. Prayer

Something powerful he said with regard to prayer is that he thanks God for those prayers he prayed that went unanswered. Because there are times when being left in the situation you are crying to God about is the answer to your prayer.

5. The seed of obedience

Faith is obedience and you are not working in faith if you are not obedient.

He called the end results or outcome that we desire “the harvest,” but in order to get that harvest there are seeds we must sow. He encouraged us to sow into knowledge, and into the lives of those who, through faith and patience, have obtained the promise. Because behind the stories of these men and women of God, is a track record of seeds. So, just sow the seeds and there must be a doing(action) for it to be called sowing.

God bless