Hello, Amazing Readers,

Welcome to another week of #ReviewThursday. Today, we will be reviewing an episode of the Mount Zion’s YouTube Series, True Talk with TED, hosted by the Bamiloye women, Tolu, Ella, and Darasimi.

If you are not familiar with the series, it’s a 30-40mins online program that tackles various topics on how to make a better relationship with God and one another.

This episode is directed at married couples but it is also very relevant for singles. The episode is centred around a lady who has reached out to the women for advice on how to deal with a lady who seems to like her husband. So, the ladies have a few tips on how couples, both male and female, can handle situations such as this one.

How to manage third party interference in a marriage

Setting boundaries

They stressed the importance of setting boundaries as a married man and woman. Set some boundaries and let your friends know what is and is not allowed anymore now that you are married. Putting these restrictions in place will help both parties become aware of and review their personalities to avoid infidelity issues. Husbands need to start pushing their female friends to their wives and vice versa. Because you don’t know the other person’s motives. And even those that don’t have an ulterior motive, the devil can take advantage of their weaknesses.


Married couples need to be vulnerable with each other, because you are a team. Nobody can read minds, so, couples should be able to talk about things. Communication is also not about what you say but how you say it.

Prayers and Sensitivity

Some people might be clueless to third party attractions, ignore, or enjoy it. Sensitivity is key; knowing when you should not be at a certain place or when certain discussions are crossing boundaries. Prayer needs to be both ways to fortify the union.

Deal with your weaknesses

You need to deal with your weaknesses in prayer as a single person before it creeps up to affect your marriage.

Being present

Both ways, be present. Let your partner know you are there for them. Long distance doesn’t mean you can’t also be be present. There are other ways you can show your partner is your priority even when you can’t see physically.

The place of contentment and discipline 1 Tim 6:6

Love is a choice. There will always be someone finer or smarter than your partner, so, you need to be content. Contentment comes with being disciplined. Focus on the good attributes of your spouse, no one is perfect.

God bless,