Revealing Jesus

Month December 2020

Be carefree in the care of God

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“…why would you worry about God’s care of you?”

1nebody Book Club

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Compliments of the season dear one! It’s such a delight and privilege witnessing another year end. May the goodness of the season find expression in the lives of you and yours in Jesus name. In August 2020, our revamped book… Continue Reading →

Faithful is our God-Hezekiah Walker

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Hello Amazing Reader, Compliments of the season! What have you got planned for the yuletide season- staycation, vacation? Whatever you decide, wherever you go, ensure you keep your praises on in order to receive the balance of all God has… Continue Reading →

The Turnaround Spirit

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Hello Dear One,First of, our deepest apologies for being away without notice. We all took time off to get nourished at Shiloh and the Holy Ghost congress last week. Did you attend either? What was it like for you? Personally,… Continue Reading →


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“Not one promise from God is empty of power…”


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What you don’t expect, you cannot experience.”

How to Hear From God- Joyce Meyer

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December is here! What a faithful God we serve. May your crowning blessings locate you this month in Jesus name. Hearing from God has been a front burner topic for many believers. Interestingly, God is always speaking, but the challenge… Continue Reading →

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