December is here! What a faithful God we serve. May your crowning blessings locate you this month in Jesus name.

Hearing from God has been a front burner topic for many believers. Interestingly, God is always speaking, but the challenge with many of us is that we want to dictate to God how He should speak with us; and that’s out rightly impossible. God has the exclusive right to determine how He wants to speak with each person.

We reviewed this message by Joyce Meyer in the 1nebody book club and we thought to share certain points that stood out for us.

If you take too much of a supernatural look at what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit, you may miss what God really wants you to do. Most times, the Lord speaks to us in a way that is a lot more ‘normal’ than we would expect.”

Every Christian is called into ministry and most of the work that is done, is done one-on-one.

“If you won’t listen to the little things, you will certainly miss the big things.”

Sometimes the way God speaks to us is simply by knowing.”

There is nothing little about what God tells us.

In summary, we learnt the importance of staying sensitive to the Holy Spirit, because there are multiple ways through which He can communicate with us. This includes, the inward witness, the audible voice, the word of God, etc.

Also, God is interested in the little details of our lives, as well as the major projects, but it is our duty to stay open to whatever way He decides to speak with us.

We had a great time during our book club review as always. You really should join our community- we’re a group of people who are deliberate about seeking knowledge, aimed at making us better and more impactful believers. To join in, send us a mail today.