Hello 1nebody,

Apology this is coming late. Happy New Week to you all, and Happy Father’s Day (a day late but it still counts) to all the fathers, uncles and brothers in the community. God sees you all and bless you. I hope the week is looking great for us already. We return all glory to God.

I want us to take a quick look at Proverbs 12:11, the NIV version says;

“Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.” I have highlighted two words, work and fantasies, as my speaking points today.

I was reading this chapter recently and this verse caught my attention because I wondered as I read it, “are we not supposed to dream?” To buttress my point, what is fantasy? I will use Collins Dictionary’s definition because it aligns with what I am driving at. It says you can refer to a story or situation that someone creates from their imagination and that is not based on reality as fantasy. Hmmm, in another light and perspective, that sounds like faith to me, does it not? So, my question remains, is Proverbs 12:11 saying imagining a life/thing for myself that is beyond my reality foolish? I believe the bible was very intentional here and the answer to my question lies in the words I have highlighted in the verse.

Philippians 4:8 makes it clear that in a world filled with so much sin, wickedness and chaos, we as believers are to think on things that are pure, honest, just, lovely, true, and of good report. We as believers are to create our own stories that do not conform to the reality of this world but to the Kingdom above. That is why to unbelievers and the ordinary eye, when we step into and embody our faith as Children of God, it looks like we are crazy, like we are living in la la land. My point is this, faith without works is dead, that is what the bible says in James 2:14. So, if all you do is set your goals, and write out your dreams and vision but you don’t take any actions, it is nothing short of a fantasy. This is what Proverbs 12:11 calls foolishness. Doing nothing practical to achieve those goals and dreams is chasing fantasies.

You need to actively put actions to those dreams. It is so easy to get lost in having a dream for a better future, a better prayer life, a deeper closeness to God and not really do anything to move the needle. You need to work the land to see the abundance. You are not helping God, you are only doing your part.

God bless,