It is another review Thursday and we have Vicky back again this week with another beautiful review. Let’s get straight to it.

I am a worshipper, I love songs, I love to praise, and I really love to hear how other people interpret God. Songs show me a person’s innermost secret place thoughts, expressions, and revelations. I can sit back and recall where I was when I first heard a song, I can go back to that memory and capture my emotions listening to the song on that day. It takes me back to the feeling of the moment I finally understood the meaning of the song (you know sometimes we hear songs, then we “hear” songs). Songs have gotten me through times when I was in a funk and did not want to pray or did not feel heard by God. The quiet assurance of songs through a person’s Christian walk and personal relationship with God is so profound.

I go as far as searching for the reason behind the song and why a minister wrote the song. It makes new meaning to me when I find out the Spirit behind my favourite songs. As a child, I knew the song “ope mi koito …” but I honestly never knew the deep meaning (I am not Yoruba) but just loved the song. Then in church last year, 2021, I heard the choir start a song with these words:

“My praise will never be enough
My worship is more than just a song
You love me more than I deserve
More than I deserve
I’ll praise you till the end of days
I’ll praise you
I’ll sing and shout your name
You love me more than I deserve
More than I deserve”

It was like they were singing my heart’s cry on that particular day, I went to find out who sang that song and why. The Minister, Pita, wrote the song as a song of thanksgiving after a health challenge in 2020 that left him paralyzed on one side. He was holding on to faith to be whole and able to minister and hold the microphone again, write music and sing. Coming out of that challenge and being whole, he wrote this song to express how good God had been to him. Truly, can words capture the depth of God’s love for us? From being bedridden, he is now ministering in several churches about the goodness of God. Loosely translated, the Yoruba words mean:

“Ope mi koito (My thanksgiving is insufficient)
Ojojumo ni wo o ma dupe (I will praise you every day)
E je ka yin Olorun logo (Let’s give God all the glory)
Yin olorun logo (Give God the glory)
S’eni ma dupe (I will continually be thankful)”

This song is a testimony of God’s grace, his unfailing love, and his ability to heal all, deliver and answer all. James 1:17 says “Every good and every perfect gift is from above and comes from the Father of lights, WITH WHOM THERE IS NO VARIATION OR SHADOW OF TURNING.” What He does for one, He does for all. God is not biased; your prayers have been answered and your miracle is HERE. Give God praise with our brother – Ope Mi by Pita

God bless,