Happy Newvember people! May God make all things new for you and yours this month.  As it’s customary,it’s another review day and a song review it is today.

Sinach! One of God’s anointed music ministers in this generation. Her ministry remains a great blessing to the body of Christ in Nigeria and globally. Her songs are so powerful, never leaves you the same.  You instantly know that they are undoubtedly divine.

‘Unchanging God’ is one of Sinach’s songs, released in a live concert in 2014.  The song is 6.19 minutes long, full of hope and reassurance in God’s faithfulness.


There a number of resounding themes along the lines of this song. However, the unchanging nature of God appears to be the central theme. The first verse begins with “Though the world may fail, my God will NEVER fail.”  Even if the entire world fails, you have God to depend on. He is referred to as ‘our rock’. Always available, you can solely rely on Him to come through for you.

Albeit with few repetitive lines, the repetitions come across as emphatic. Let’s summarize by saying the song reminds you that after all is said and done, you can thoroughly rely on God because He can never fail.

Did I mention the beautiful way this duet was rendered with T-Sharp. Both voices synced so perfectly, the instrumentals were excellent. It’s one of the best duet renditions ever.

You can listen , lyrics are also available. You’ll learn the song in no time and find out you can’t stop singing it. That much, I assure you.

God’s blessings always,