Conventional? Maybe not.Jesus lovers? Certainly. In the spirit of the ‘multiple’ season we are in, we are showcasing two amazing Gospel Artistes today. Though they sing slightly different genres, their ministries have been a huge blessing globally. Let’s meet them.
First, is the daughter of the miracle worker. She does glow effortlessly, her joyful heart can literally be felt through her songs. She’s no other person than (drum roll)… Glowreeyah Braimah. Amazing daughter of the most High God. One of her latest songs, ‘Open heavens’ has its video officially released today. If you have been part of the ongoing hallelujah challenge, ‘Open heavens’ is one of the songs for the challenge. Details are available on her website and all social media platforms.
Second is Mr fearless. The ever energetic, Nigerian ‘Kirk Franklin’. Our very own, Timothy Godfrey (aka Tim Godfrey). Have you ever been present when he’s ministering? It’s so electrifying! Even if you had planned not to clap your hands at the least, you won’t realize when you abandon all your etiquettes in praise to God. He was recently awarded ‘Music Entrepreneur of the year’ by Awesome treasures in October 2017. Totally deserving! The fearless album was officially released yesterday, November 3rd. 2017. Available on all online platforms.

Enjoy your open-heavens order of blessings while you remain fearless.
God’s blessings always