Grace.Love. Glory. Power.

These are the resounding themes of this amazing song. ‘Unlimited God’ is rendered in a few lines,  with a lot of call-and -response which makes it very participatory to the audience/listener (as the case may be). The  blend of African high life instrumentals also does great justice to this song.

It gets you thinking about the unlimited nature of God. His grace, love, glory, power are so overwhelming yet absolutely infinite. Just when you think you have seen all there is about God, He shows up in a whole new dimension to the one that hasn’t become too familiar with His ways/ acts.  Which is why the songwriter asks God to ‘please open up my eyes, open up my heart, show your word to me…’

Olumide Iyun

Towards the end of this beautiful piece, Mr Olumide magnifies God using several names and appellations like ‘King of Glory’, ‘Redeemer God’, ‘Healing God’, ‘Yahweh’ etc.

Unlimited God has certainly got me awestruck about the great God I serve. Needless asking whether or not it’s a recommend listen. That’s a big and definite yes to everyone who just wants to worship and appreciate God for His exceeding greatness.

God’s blessings always,