Shiloh, the annual gathering of the Winner’s family worldwide is only a few days away. Shiloh 2017 has been tagged, “A New Dawn” and is slated for December 5th-10th 2017.

In the spirit of Shiloh, we are reviewing the evening session of the third day of Shiloh 2016. This is not because any of the other sessions were less impactful  but the prophetic move of that night was beyond words can describe. The testimonies were mind blowing. They personally left me ‘wow-ing’ at the acts of God; 21 years of barrenness was destroyed, 7 years of barrenness was terminated with two sets of twins, marital siege on a family was destroyed with several marriages within a particular year, among several other testimonies.

Today’s review is aimed to serve a dual purpose of reminding us of God’s promises to us from Shiloh 2016 and setting our hearts in order for what to expect at Shiloh 2017.

In the word session, Bishop David Oyedepo continues in the exemption series. He taught on the channels through which we are to stay exempted from the economic holocaust. These channels include: tithes, offering, kingdom promotion, giving to the needy. He stresses the need to begin from where you are. Don’t wait for the future before you begin to give, you can start from where you are. In his words, “Don’t wait for the future to show how much you love God, start from where you are.” God needs to see your faithfulness in the little He has blessed you with.

He also addressed those worried about what they would have left after exploring all these giving channels (lol). It’s a valid thought though but we are reminded that every giving returns with a blessing and the blessing of the Lord is what makes rich not your earnings.  “If you keep doing what brings the blessings, the blessings keep flowing in. Every giving returns with a blessing. Blessing is the capital return on your seed.”

Having pointed these out, please listen/ watch as many Shiloh 2016 messages as you can before Shiloh 2017 begins. Also be reminded that Shiloh is neither a church anniversary nor a convention; rather, it is a platform for the conferment of your dominion. If you have never been to Shiloh, please endeavour to make this one. You would not recover from the encounters. If you have attended before, there’s a new dawn anointing that you definitely should not miss.

An expectant heart is all you need as you pray, plan and prepare to meet the God of Shiloh!!!
See you there.
God’s blessings always,