“He arose, He arose, Hallelujah Christ arose… (singing)

Happy resurrection celebration to your amazing self. In the spirit of the season,  we thought to get the views of others about Easter; more like personal views not just information that was passed down to them.

We asked, ‘what does the death and resurrection of Jesus mean to you personally?’

Here are some of the responses we got:

Hmmm, good question, you know we celebrate this every year and I have never really had a personal view about it. It comes across as another public holiday. I don’t go to Church on Good Friday or Easter Monday but I do on Christmas day and even Christmas eve. There is usually this hype during Christmas which doesn’t happen for Easter, so I celebrate Christmas more than I do Easter. But with this question, I think I would have to re-watch the ‘Passion of the Christ’ movie in order to have a better understanding of Easter.”  Adedasola

It’s funny how I don’t have a personal meaning attached to Easter. I don’t even celebrate it as such. I mean, I pray and thank God for sending His son to die for us and all but nothing like celebration. Thinking about it now though, I think Easter should be the most important celebration for a believer.” Victoria

Each year I celebrate Easter, I am reminded of all Jesus went through in order to redeem my life. It beats me how in the secular, kids have been made to believe that an egg is a symbol of Easter. I wish these kids would be better enlightened. You see, Jesus had to be crucified in order for us to have the Holy Spirit;  who is now present with us and to establish the trinity. So, yes, the egg symbol can be used to symbolize the triune nature of God, but with better education. An egg has three parts: the shell, egg white and yoke; three parts but one egg, right? It’s kind of the same with the trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. They are three in one. In summary, Easter reminds me about the gift of redemption. That is to say, I am all I am because Jesus died for me.”  Arho

Amazing views right, let’s hear yours. The aim is for us all to have a better understanding about the celebration of Easter.
Happy Resurrection Celebration,
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