Pastor Paul Enenche is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre. He ministered at the recently concluded International Ministers Conference organised by Living Faith Church, as part of  its 37th anniversary. The conference held between 1st-4th May, 2018; and had as its theme, ‘Sustainable Impact in Ministry’

First, I need you to know that this isn’t only for pastors, evangelists or apostles; it’s for everyone who is interested in making sustainable impact in their chosen fields. That said, let’s proceed:

  • Dogged Commitment + Brutal Focus= Tangible Impact

Once focus is broken, there’s little or nothing a person can achieve. In Pastor Paul’s words, ‘a broken focus is a broken destiny.’ Pursuing several things  at the same time amounts to achieving nothing. He says, ‘people of impact are people of one thing.’ What’s your one thing?

  • Focused people are fire-people while focus-less people are fire-less people.
  • Focus brings success,power,impact.

Focus enemies and enhancers are also highlighted in this message. Pastor observes that several have lost their vision because they fell victim to one/some of the enemies of focus. Some of which are:

  • Confrontation of conviction: This refers to circumstances that may make you doubt the authenticity of your calling. It is therefore sacrosanct to know in clear terms what God has called you to do.
  • Confrontation of opposition: ‘If you mind opposition, you lose position’
  • Temptation unto competition: Ministry isn’t competition, only do what God has called you to do, whether salvation, healing, faith, prosperity, etc; whatever it is, ensure you’re not running with another’s vision.
  • Temptation unto imitation: ‘what is popular may not be proper’

Enhancers of Focus:

  • Camping with God and His word
  • Focus your resources on your vision; your allocation is sufficient for your vision
  • The right association:  Not everyone is headed in the same direction with you, you must carefully select your company, ‘love abundantly but relate selectively

Although this was intended for Ministers, it can be related to every other area of life. This message lasts about 50 minutes, but its impact can set your life on the right path forever; it’s super recommended for you.
God’s blessings always,
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