Here I was a few days ago asking the Holy Spirit what to review today, and being the intentional One that He is, He dropped the ‘last summit’ in my spirit. Almost immediately, I looked through dear YouTube and found it. Listening to Appointment With Destiny (Lagos Summit 2017) left me wishing that the Abuja summit would start already. Sister Jumoke (SJ) as she is fondly referred to is such a phenomenal blessing. If you haven’t met her…what on earth are you waiting for?

Oh and yes, the title isn’t a mistake. Although this summit took place at the beginning of 2017, you could still appropriate all the blessings on your life.  2018 is five months running but there is still so much to unlock.

In this message, SJ talks about how you can enforce the mandate of dominion that God has concerning you. In your marriage, business, career, home-front; you must dominate, it’s part of the reasons God created you. You are not a part of the ‘just get by’ crew. You are made for excellence!

Another thing, you are not made to hustle. Expressions like ‘God bless my hustle’ is totally wrong. It isn’t expressive of dominion. There should be a remarkable difference between you (a born again child of God) and those who aren’t. Struggling is an aberration of salvation.

Being a review, I am unable to go any further. Like SJ says over and over, it’s impossible to meet her and your life remains the same. Asides the message, there is a fiery prayer session also included that catapults your destiny into a new phase, don’t skip that bit. In fact, be sure to digest every bit of it, its only a little over 90 minutes.

God’s blessings always,