It’s June!!!!

Welcome to the sixth month of 2018, a month where God will perfect all that concerns you, Amen.Tweaking today’s session a bit to bring you the concluding part of this beautiful read. Already took you through chapters 1-5, let’s go through chapters 6-10.

‘The quickest way through a problem is straight through.’ Just like it’s said that that the shortest route to a destination is the straight path. When you subscribe to short cuts, all you’re doing is elongating your travel time without knowing. Remember the children of Israel, who journeyed through the wilderness for 40 long years? That trip was only to last 90 days but they ended up making a career out of their wilderness experience by murmuring, complaining, acting in disobedience, etc. One of the major ways to walk straight through a problem is engaging the three-fold of weapon of thanksgiving, praise and worship. The author puts it this way, ‘Thanksgiving acknowledges God’s goodness, praise acknowledges who God is and worship acknowledges his holiness.’

Pastor Hagee also discusses faith as a signpost to the promise land. He says faith would require you to do what you have never done to see what you have never seen. You are responsible for building your faith! Other signposts are: diligence, excellence, knowledge, patience and integrity.

God has not ordained you for the ‘just-get-by’ lane of life, your destiny is glorious and you must get there. Don’t be discouraged by the seeming insurmountable challenges you experience on the way to your promised land. Making a career out of these problems won’t do you any good. God is faithful to see you through if you cooperate with him.

The author also narrates several testimonies in this book, personal and non-personal alike. This helps to bring the points to life as we see how others successfully went from their problems into their promised land.

It’s been a great read for me and oh yes, it was on sale where I purchased (lol) I could give you pointers if you would like a copy. Otherwise, you could get a copy in any bookshop around you and of course on amazon. It comes highly recommended, it would bless you beyond words.

More wisdom for you Pastor Hagee.God bless you!