Can somebody shout Halllujahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

The maiden edition of the Hallelujah challenge held from 1st-30th June 2017. Several testimonies were birth both during and after the challenge, chief being the salvation of souls across the globe, addictions were broken, healings and deliverances of all kinds, miracle babies, jobs, restorations; all to the glory of God.

Five months after the maiden edition (precisely November 2017), the second edition followed (between 1st-21st November). Both editions generated so much controversy among the naysayers but through it, the lives of millions have been changed for good, I inclusive.

Well, the good news is that the 2018 edition is upon us…hallelujah! This time, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey has declared that, ‘we will yet see greater things.’ Did you get that? You thought God blew your mind through the 2017 challenge, but He’s saying He’s set to do much more this season.

The challenge begins on 25th June and would run for 14 days. Also, there would be seven days of prayer and fasting preceding the challenge, this would run from Monday 18th June-24th June,2018. Again, another important feature of this year’s challenge is reaching out to the lost. Each participant is to talk to at least one person about Christ daily. Hahaaa, we would be combining prayer+ fasting+ praise+ soul winning; can you imagine how much damage we’ll be doing to the devil and his agents.

You really don’t want to be a spectator in this movement, it’s such a great time to be alive. It doesn’t matter if you were part of the naysayers in the previous challenge, you can repent and lay hold of your miracles this time.

Lastly, please go through the testimonies from the previous editions; they would build your faith and prepare you for what to expect this time around.
**God bless you Pastor Nathaniel.May the anointing upon your life experience an exponential increase in Jesus Name.