Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature‘-Mark 16:15

Today’s session showcases a group of Jesus lovers, who have taken up the command of taking Jesus to the world. Please make welcome CHRIST REPRESENTERS (CR)!!!

1NEBODY: Could you let us in on how this group was formed and what vision gave birth to it?

CR: Christ Representers is a group of passionate lovers of God. We have a vision of having people live unashamedly for Christ. This vision was birth out of a desire to see believers live confidently for Christ, taking His message of reconciliation to the world in love.

1NEBODY: When did you receive this vision and what was your reaction ?

CR: It was in February 2016. I was an undergraduate student at the time and honestly I was worried.  I decided to take some time off  to pray about it and I asked God for direction and alignment. All I desired was to do all He says I should do and I knew that a call to ministry is an urgent assignment I could not afford to take my time or be slow at obeying. When I was quite clear on most of my questions and we had formed a team, we launched out with our first outreach; this was on 28th May, 2016.

1NEBODY: This is getting interesting. What was the outreach like and how did you eventually get others to buy into the vision?

CR: The outreach was beyond expectations. In fact, by it our confidence was boosted and we knew there was more to our assignment. About getting others to buy in, it really wasn’t much of a problem because I knew the people God had asked me to talk to. When I approached them, they agreed almost immediately. However, our major challenge was getting a location for our first outreach and getting donations; we were just five undergraduate students with barely nothing but we enjoyed God’s favour.

1NEBODY: Amazing, God’s favour is really everything. Could you describe a typical CR outreach.

CR:  Our outreaches are to hospitals, orphanage homes, juvenile homes, streets,etc. We take the love of Christ to these people, by introducing them to Jesus and we also give them gifts, usually, things they can use. We hope to expand to schools and also hold some short term rural evangelism programs as time goes on.

1NEBODY: Is there some kind of guideline that dictates your operations?

CR: Hmm…well, not exactly guidelines. We have two mission statements; growth in the knowledge of Christ through word study and prayer as well as evangelical outreaches. We have an acronym for fulfilling our mission, called SPED-  Scripture, Prayer, Evangelism and Discipleship (SPED). We also have certain operational  platforms: Taking the king to the world (evangelism); kingdom watchmen (prayer platform), CR word study, CR get together, share His story for His glory. We have weekly Bible studies and also hold prayers together often.

1NEBODY: Wow, sounds really organized.

CR: (laughs) We do our best. We have three sub units where our members get to actively participate: Publicity, Finance and Logistics  Each of these teams have heads who coordinate every affair and give a report to the Assistant Ministry Director who then officially reports to the Ministry Director.Every member of CR is regarded as important and equal which makes it a family.We discuss often on how to make things better; the leaders endeavor to relate with each member on a personal basis and this in turn has made everyone know that they are of uttermost importance to the growth of the team.

1NEBODY: How often do you hold your outreaches?
CR: Our outreaches hold twice a year, one in each half. Our first Prayer Conference holds this month and we hope to make it an annual conference. Where we get people to pray and learn to persevere beyond current capacities in the place of prayer.

1NEBODY: You marked your second year anniversary in May, what’s been the major highlight of your operations in these two years?

CR: All of the opportunities we have had to reach out to people with the Gospel of Christ have been major highlights for us. Each time we go out, we are glad to be representatives of Jesus and privileged to take His message of reconciliation to all.

1NEBODY: That’s awesome. As we conclude, are there plans to expand  beyond your current scope in the nearest future

CR: Definitely, God willing.We hope to have more members in different states.We envision all living unashamedly for Christ; all means all nations (laughs), so definitely we would expand and have Christ Representers in all nations of the earth.

1NEBODY: Lastly, is CR open for involvement. If yes, how can one get involved?

CR:  We allow volunteers for our outreaches.It’s open to all who are interested.We would love to have people take the King to the world with us and there is no restrictions to that. We send out fliers for each of our outreaches and they contain details of how to volunteer. And we also take in members, who would be part of our workforce and simply sending us a DM on any of our social media platforms would get you started. @christrepresenters for both IG and Facebook.On Twitter as @christreps
1NEBODY: It’s been such a delight getting to know about CR and its operations.Thank you so much for your time and we pray you unhindered progress as you keep taking King Jesus to the world.
CR: Amen, thank you for this opportunity as well.