Are you involved in a long-distance relationship? Or have you at some point in your life? Not necessarily inter-continent or inter-nation, it could have been inter-city. Bottom line is, you both were not in the same geographical location.I am aware of the divergent views people have about this and I am not about to dig deeper. However, a common  feature that such relationships have/had is ‘catch-up time’. You both have/had a particular time when you chatted and updated each other about the day’s activities; whether through voice or video calls. It is/was a time both parties looked forward to, or at least we could assume so for the most part.

Skyping with God

In this 136-paged book, the author educates us on the importance of having a deep and passionate love affair with God. She lets us in on how she got into her love affair with God in 2015 and her life has not been the same afterwards. She shares a deluge of testimonies that have been wroth by God through her and for her.

She is currently at a point where she cannot but start her day with God because it has become the foundation for all else. Her conscious and deliberate steps towards this passionate relationship have directly and positively influenced her faith in God. In her words,  ‘the more you know God, the more you know there is to know‘. When you personally experience God in ways you had only seen or read from others, you tend to trust Him a lot more. Your conviction deepens.

The author also points out that sometimes, certain things you expressed faith for may not happen as you desired. That’s not the time to give-up or say to yourself, ‘I’ll never try that again.’ In her case, she had prayed for a little girl to get healed but instead, she passed on. How heartbreaking and faith crushing that must have felt. However, she understood it was all the devil’s ploy to keep her away from praying and believing God for cases centered on healing. The joy is, there have been more that worked than otherwise.

In sum, this book teaches you to develop your relationship with God and it would positively impact your faith and cause it to grow. The author categorically states that you don’t have to be titled to be used by God. Whether Pastor, Bishop, Archbishop, Pope…what matters is a heart yielded to God and a life available for His use.

Oh, how could I not talk about the writing style, it’s absolutely simple and youthful. The book is available for your purchase wherever you are on the globe. You need to read it!

God’s blessings always,

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