Some weeks ago, I was out evangelizing with a group and this played out. This little girl was a few meters away from us and not far off was a local dog. As soon as she sighted the dog, fear gripped her. She screamed and began to run towards her mother. Of course, this got the dog barking and chasing after her. Oh, I forgot to mention that the dog was just doing its thing and had no plans whatsoever of chasing after the little girl but for her fear which gave her away.

All this happened in less than two minutes but it left a great impression in my heart. The dog can be likened to the devil, going to and fro seeking whom to devour. On the other hand, many believers are like the little girl.As it happened in this case,  the devil isn’t after us as much as we give it credit for.

However, as soon as the devil senses we are already fearful; a chase follows. Then we say, ‘alas, the devil is after me.’ Because of this fear, we make it so cheap for the devil to operate. Imagine if the little girl had just a bit of courage. What if she had picked up a stone and attempted to throw it at the dog? Just an attempt and the dog would have had a run for it.

Remember the story of Job, the greatest business man in the East. A super wealthy man, blessed with children and all forms of material riches but he was afraid of losing all he had; guess what? It happened just like he feared;  ‘For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.’  Job 3:25-King James Version.

What’s that thing that you’ve been afraid of for so long? Inability to conceive? Unemployment? Business failure? Failing as a parent? Delayed marriage?… It’s time to get yourself some stones from the word of God and launch a reprisal attack. The devil will only vacate your territory when it becomes too hot for it to stay.

Have a faith-filled week.
God’s blessings always,
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