You’ve probably heard of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren? Well, this is an expanded version of the same book and it is a must read for every one, irrespective of your age, race or  gender; as long as you’re breathing, you need this book.

Today’s focus is the first chapter.
Have you discovered God’s purpose for your life? What drives you? Have you got something you are living for?

God is your creator. He did not create you to merely exist. There is a place He has ordained for you, something He wants you to do but you cannot know this without asking Him. Just like an invention comes along with the inventor’s manual, God’s word is the manual of your life.

Your purpose for living is not in your passion, goals or ambitions. In fact, here’s a shocker;  you can live a somewhat fulfilled life based on your perception and those of others, yet be far away from what God has ordained for you.  Would you rather speculate your way through life or have God reveal His plans to you? Your pick is the latter, right?

This book is a 40-day journey and the author suggests that readers soak in one chapter per day. Every chapter has a point to ponder on,  a verse to remember and a question to consider. The author advises that readers have at least one partner with whom to read the book with.

The hard copy is available to purchase; alternatively, you could listen to the audio version daily for the next 40 days and you will be so glad you did.

God’s blessings always,