Light be! Light be! Light be!
This song celebrates the person of the Holy Spirit.  He can be everything to you; as long as you let Him. He’s not asking  for your perfection as a requirement to work in you, He wants you as you are. He can be your  light, strength, lover, healer, purifier, enabler… (it’s unending) but first, you must acknowledge that you need Him.

‘Precious Holy Spirit, we’re in need of you’

Until you yield to Him in total surrender, He cannot  do His work in your life.

‘ I yield my heart, soul, spirit and body to you,

Take over my heart, soul and spirit,

I yield it all to you,

His power is so unlimited that He has the ability to bring life even to dead situations. He makes impossible situations possible. Like the song minister says, darkness only tries to hide, it cannot hide as long as light is present.
She further admonishes that you speak light to every dark situation in your life. It could be your spiritual life, health, finance, career, academics, family. Regardless of how long that darkness has been, it can be dispelled as soon as light is introduced. Look at that situation and command, ‘light be, according to the word of the Lord.’
One thing is certain, you can’t soak in this song and not desire the Holy Spirit. You may be asking, ‘what if I already have a relationship with Him?’ In that case, you will be thirsty for more of Him; you can never have enough anyway.
‘Brooding’ is part of Victoria Orenze’s 2016 album- ‘Return Rev. 2:4’