Wohoo! wohoooooooo! It’s the last day of October 2019. God has been mighty good to us : you, I and the rest of our tribe.I know for sure because you’re reading this😊

Today’s post is not exactly a review in the sense of the word, because we’re all about bragging on the greatness of our God. In this video (47:00), there’s the testimony of a couple who got blessed with a baby after 19 years of marriage. This couple had been through 10 failed In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) cycles, five failed surrogacy attempts, several miscarriages, one still birth and finally the God of awesome wonders and mighty miracles visited this family. I mean, like Pastor Isaac said, if this doesn’t get you excited in God, I don’t know what else could. God is super good.

There’s a lot more the testifier shared but I’ll let you have a watch so you can get it first hand. The other testimonies were mind blowing as well. They’ll bless you, I’m too sure.

The sermon was power-packed as well. One part that jumped at me was when the minister said, “An encounter with the word of God is an encounter with destiny.” Also, an encounter with destiny opens up new chapters in your life.

I’m all set for new chapters and I am pumped because these testimonies have got my faith on a whole new level. Remember, we talked about Same God in our last post? Yes, that’s why I know the God who visited these people would visit you as well.

I encourage you to watch every bit of this video, you’ll see yourself going on to the second service and even sharing with others. Oh, did I mention the second service also has several amazing testimonies.Just did 😊

Have a thoroughly blessed November ahead and be sure to take hold of the balance of your October blessings.