Dear Victorious One,

Congratulations on witnessing the last day of April 2020💃💃🕺🕺 what a month it has been. Globally challenging, but God…hallelujah!

With hearts of gratitude, we’re joining Minister Dunsin in today’s song review to proclaim that God deserves our praise.

The song comes from a heart full of realization of God’s goodness, which elicits thanksgiving in return. The ministrel realizes God created him in royalty, yet he chooses to serve the same God with his life and in worship, as depicted in Romans 12:1. The lines say:

You made me Royalty
But I choose to serve
Serve You with my Life
Serve You in Worship
You made me to sit
At Your right Hand
But I choose to bow
Bow in Worship
And Adoration

‘Service’, ‘worship’, ‘adoration’, are repeated severally; for the purpose of emphasis- which further drives home the understanding that God is truly deserving of our praise.

The spoken word rendition by Rev Same Oye who’s featured in this song makes it even more beautiful. It doesn’t matter what creed, nation or nationality you are, join us as we declare in unison:

“You deserve it, so we bow.

You Deserve it is a part of Minister Oyekan’s Kingdom Now album, released in 2019. Here’s the song and its lyrics , you’ll be singing along in no time.

God’s blessings always,