Hello Amazing One,

How’s your week been? Welcome to another exciting review edition. It’s often said that behind every glory, there is a story. On our slate today is a documentary on the early life of Bishop David Oyedepo, the President of Living Faith Church Worldwide.

First, I must let you know this documentary ticks all the boxes. Excellent scripting, great characterization, amazing narration, wonderful choice of location, everything does tick. While I was intrigued to see Son of the Prophet play the role of young David, I was more intrigued at the story of Bishop Oyedepo’s life.

Even though he had no clue he would later be called into ministry, his life’s story shows how God prepares a person for what He has in store. It’s also a lesson never to assume salvation, not even when one is born in a church, as Bishop was.

I could go on and on, but you should go watch it for yourself. There a lot more lessons you can pick.

God’s blessings always,