Hello Amazing One,

Trust September has been awesome for you? Please keep hope alive, there is a lot more God has in store for you before the year runs out.

On our book club, we’ve been reading this soul winning master piece by T.L Osborn, and it’s been phenomenal. Perhaps you’ve heard so much about soul winning, but you are yet to figure out how you can engage or you don’t know what to say when you meet a target; this book is for you.

The author takes us through his personal soul winning experience spanning several decades. He and his wife, Daisy visited over 100 countries with the message of God’s love. He recounts their experiences in many of these nations, testifying about how millions were won to Christ through their programs, and the attendant miracles that characterized such events. Although they did not experience the miraculous in the early years of their outreaches, things changed when they understood the word of God better.

He further emphasizes that soul winning is not the exclusive reserve of evangelists or pastors, but every believer has been called to take on the privileged task of soul winning. He shares seven reasons every believer should be a soul winner.

  • Jesus was a soul winner
  • The harvest is so great
  • The laborers are so few
  • Christ’s great commission
  • Unfulfilled prophecies
  • Blood of the unconverted
  • What we have experienced

We have reviewed 20 of the 30 chapters in this book. It’d be great to have you join our next meeting on 8th October 2022, as we unpack the last ten chapters and discuss how we can begin or continue with the Father’s business. We meet at 7 pm (WAT), this link gets you in.

God’s blessings always,