Hello everyone,

I hope your week has been blessed. Today’s review will be explosive and we are glad to have Joshua back taking a sermon by Apostle Femi Lazarus. Let’s go right into it.

Have you ever struggled with having a regular prayer life and Word study schedule? Do you feel like your prayer life and Word Study could be better or more consistent? Then this is a review for you. I believe this review would bless you very greatly and help you very dearly.

Since the growth and maturity of the believer is anchored on the Word and Prayer, it becomes increasingly important for every believer to ensure that they are not lacking in both.

Here are some tips by Apst. Femi Lazarus which would help:

  1. Be Disciplined: A believer should not have to feel like ‘it’ to pray or study the Word. We walk by faith and not by sight or should I say feelings. Discipline is necessary for a believer to be devout in prayers and word study. Discipline connotes coming up with a structure and adhering to it regardless of whatever demands come our way. If we don’t create a structure and adhere to it, many competing and ‘equally worthy’ causes would take up our time meant for prayers and word study.
  • Build routines and follow it diligently: This point is closely related to the first. Every believer must discover what works for him/her in seeking to improve on the study of the word and prayer. After which a routine must be created it.
  • Consistency: After a routine is created, consistency as they say becomes the key. Consistently abide by that routine until you begin to reap the fruits of your consistency. It’s never going to be easy but you see every growth is painful. Any spiritually mature person we admire today has employed consistency and still does. This is where our resolve to study the Word/Pray would be tested but we must not be deterred. That is consistency!
  • Use Prayer Boosters: Boosters in our context implies anything that fuels our Word/Prayer life. In terms of Prayers, playing certain songs in the background helps to drive and propel us to pray with absolute focus. Boosters are encouraged at any point in our spiritual walk. Boosters by way of songs may even come from our spirit when we pray without necessarily having to play songs from any audio device. Again, its important to find out what booster works for you as what works for your neighbour could be different from what works for you. The use of songs is only a suggestion.
  • Fellowship: There is no such thing as a lone or isolated believer. This is where we fellowship becomes necessary. As we get to leverage on the strength of others who are more mature in their prayer life/word study. This is why the Bible tells us to, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…”. As it were, no believer can grow in the things of the spirit alone and although there are rare circumstances we could point to, it was never meant to be that way by God’s design. The importance of fellowship in helping our prayer life and word study cannot be over-emphasised.

As we go about putting these tips to work, I’m sure we’d have proofs to show with time. Please give the sermon a watch.

God bless you!