Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. Praying for God’s resurrection power over everything dead and domant in your life in Jesus name, Amen!

About a week or so ago, I got really overwhelmed with everything; work, my goals and plans for the year, family commitments, church commitments, other commitments, the desire for self-care and personal development, decisions on hold to made, and the list goes on. I know you all can relate. I had a heavy heart, time was going by so fast but I also needed to manage my time better, make sure I fit in as much as possible each day. So, I took it all to God in prayer. I couldn’t take it anymore, poured out my heart. The Lord reminded me of this song that my mum used to listen to a lot growing up, One Day at a Time by Lynda Ranlde. It was exactly what I needed!

I don’t need to know what the future holds, I don’t have the capacity for it, that’s God’s specialty. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End. Yes, I can make plans for the future, I can reflect on the past as well, but I don’t need to have it all figured out, neither do I need a definite answer or picture of what I’ll be doing in 2 – 5 years. God is the only One who holds the power and has the capacity to carry the past, present, and future all at once. Like the song said, I just need God’s direction one day at a time. I just need the Lord to strengthen me now, today, to do what He has set before me for that day. Jesus instructed us not to worry about tomorrow because He has gone ahead. When tomorrow comes, we go again, God giving the instructions and the strength for the day.

God bless,