Hello 1nebody Family,

It’s almost the end of another week, I hope your week has been filled with the goodness of God. If you missed the post on Monday, Happy New Month! It will be your best month yet, in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen. We await your testimony.

Whether you are in a place of rest where you’ve had all your prayers answered or you are still waiting and believing for God to show up for you, let me remind you of the kind of God we serve through today’s review.

My sincere apologies to our non-Yoruba speaking readers, this is a Yoruba song. Although there are subtitles if you watch the video, the authority some words carry just gets lost in translation. However, I pray as you listen, you will be endued with the power of every word. I grew up listening to Evangelist Bola Are. My mum would listen to her songs almost every day and even though I didn’t like her songs then because I thought her Yoruba was too strong for me to understand. However, as I grew older, I have come to appreciate the “strong Yoruba” because the words are just beautiful and majestic for my Heavenly Father.

This is the God you have in your corner, the God that does as it pleases Him (Olorun aseyi O wu). The literal meaning of the title, Aseyi O Wu, is someone who does what pleases them. So, Olorun aseyi O wu is the God that does what pleases Him but it can also mean unquestionable God. This is the God that has instructed you not to worry about anything (Matt 6:34), the One that promised to never leave you (Heb 13:5), the One that loves you so much, He gave it all for your redemption (John 3:16) The song recounts the mighty Acts of God in the bible which are potent reminders of the God who is in control and leading you all the way. It is a powerful song that renews your faith and boldness in Christ. Our God does as it pleases Him, and it pleases Him to prosper you (Deut 30:9; Psa 147:11 CEV). Trust in Him!

God bless,