Yaaaay.We’re live!!!
Many thanks for reading our premiere post. Today’s post is dedicated to letting you know why we’re here.
1nebody (pronounced  ‘one body’ ) has a vision of promoting members of the body of Christ around the globe. We plan to do this by showcasing how each of these members (individually, collectively or through their works) reveal JESUS.
The name 1nebody is derived from Apostle Paul’s teachings in 1Corinthians 12:12-31 and Romans 12:4-6 (please read both for better understanding). In both passages, the body of Christ is likened to the human body which has many members yet all are working for a collective purpose. Likewise, as individual members of God’s body we may function as different parts yet we must not lose our primary focus: Revealing Jesus in all that we do.
Meditation Mondays aims at giving us a word to run with for the week. For Review Thursdays, we’ll be reviewing songs, books (in chapters or as a whole),events, etc that are centered around JESUS.
Showcase Saturdays will bring to the fore individuals, groups, businesses that are promoting the gospel in their own ways. They would be letting us in on how they got to know God’s plan for their lives and how they’ve been running with it.
We’re super excited because we’re here to stay and as we partner with you we’ll propagate the gospel together.
While we’ve stated who we are,it’s also important to state what we’re not.We’re not a gossip,fashion, lifestyle or food blog. Nothing wrong with these but it’s not who we are/ what we do.
Having established these,let’s ride together😀😀