Hello there! Trust you’re well and your week has been awesome? Review Thursday it is today.

Let’s get to business. We’re reviewing a message by Dr Myles Munroe (of blessed memory).  The entire series is on “Kingdom Citizenship Laws” and this part focuses on relationships generally. So whether you’re Single, Married, Separated or Divorced; grab a journal and a pen. It’ll save you and your generations from loads of heartache. Trust me.

This message lasts about 75 minutes and every second leaves you thinking  “what a word!” Also because I want to listen to this for yourself, i’ll share a few interesting points I picked. You may find them unconventional, unafrican and unacceptable but guess what. They all completely scriptural and that’s what matters.

  1. Asides salvation, the next most important decision you’ll ever make is the decision of whom to marry.
  2. The most misunderstood element in a relationship is love. Love doesn’t make marriage work (shockerrrrr) I thought it did too. Here’s why.Love is a force generated by a decision. It is an act of the will and a debt that you owe. True love has no reason. If you have a reason for loving your partner, you just cancelled love. Take a cue from God’s love for us. He loves you and I just because He chose to. It happened long before we were born, He sent His son to die for us.  Now that’s true love. We didn’t even have to work for it. However, at new birth we get to receive and accept His love for us. Once there’s a reason for that love, it becomes a condition.Thus, cancelling the “love”. If I love you because of your full hair line today, would i still do when your hair starts receding after some years. If as a man you love your wife primarily because of her “coke-bottle” figure today, what happens a few years down the line when it’s no longer as “cokey”. Here’s an assignment for you. Ask that person in your life why he/she loves you. Once they give you a reason, understand that it is a condition for their love and when you’re no longer meeting that condition, they’ll most likely begin to look elsewhere.
    3. Get loads of knowledge.
    A successful marriage is the result of the application of knowledge. Prov 4:7 says, “wisdom is the principal thing…”. Wisdom is trans-generational. What you learn today is not just for you because the more you know, the more your children know. The reason many children from divorced homes tend to get a divorce later in life is because that’s what they learnt from their parents. Remember that communication is largely non-verbal. In essence, you don’t have to tell your child, “look once your marriage is challenged, take your bags and leave. Don’t work at it because that’s how all men are” That child saw you do that already and it’s stuck in his mind for life. As a born again child of God, having the Holy Spirit is not a substitute for getting knowledge.  Daddy Myles puts it this way. Having the Holy Spirit is like having a tool box. However, you must know to use these tools… that’s the place of knowledge. Please get knowledge. Read books, listen to messages, attend seminars whether you’re single, married or divorced. If you’re already single, awesome. It’s an opportunity to get equipped well enough. Married? You have the opportunity to get better. Divorced? You have the opportunity to avoid your previous mistakes in future relationships. Whatever category you’re in, ensure you’re intentional at getting knowledge.
    4. Married folks, get your families to respect your privacy.  Your union is another family entirely, it’s not an extension of your previous families. Respectfully let them know it’s not okay to just drop in on you because “it’s their son’s house” or “she’s still my daughter, i can see her whenever”. No please, kindly give us a notice before you pop in. We love you too!
    Don’t get married on your definition of love!! Love is a decision to commit  to meet the needs of another person for life without expectation. Dear bachelor/spinster, you don’t want to exchange singleness for frustration.  Make sure that person winking at you has listened to this message 14 times before you consent. This is after you’ve listen to it about ten times yourself.

A recommended watch? A million times yes!!!

God’s blessings always,