It’s October people and the beginning of the last quarter of 2017 as well. So glad you made it!

Today, we’re drawing lessons from Ezekiel 37:1-14 . The Holy Spirit had led Ezekiel to a valley full of dry bones. The Bible records that they were not just dry but very dry. God already knowing the very dry situation of these bones then asks Ezekiel if they can live. What a question! These bones are extremely dry yet you ask me if they can live? Well, so it doesn’t appear that I don’t believe in your  omnipotence, I can’t answer that. Better still, a safer answer is “you alone know.


The very humorous God then says, Prophesy to these bones Ezekiel and say to them, Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!”

Now, you’ve got me laughing really hard. Pro-phe- what?? Yes Ezekiel, all I need you to do right now is prophesy. I have the power to make flesh come on them , cover them with skin and put life into them. “You’ve got that all planned out, God?” Yes,son. Of course, I’ll prophesy.

Ezekiel prophesied as he was commanded and then the bones came together.Wow. Then, flesh came on them and skin too but there was no breath just yet. He turns to God to say,” they’ve come together, but no life in them?” That’s because you need to prophesy again. “Come on. Speak life to them.” Ezekiel prophesied and they came to life.

Oh my, they’re a large army.

army of dry bones

Apparently, the bones represented the people of Israel who were dried up and had lost hope but God needed Ezekiel to prophesy life to them. God had a plan to open their graves, bring them up and even bring them back to the land of Israel.

Same applies to you dear one. In this last quarter, God wants to open your grave, bring you up and bring you back. That sounds to me like restoration. But like Ezekiel,He’s asking you to prophesy to those dry areas of your life. Actually no. It’s the very dry areas He’s referring to. No matter how dead and very dry they are, they still can hear the word of the Lord. Do I hear you prophesying already?

God’s blessings always,