‘Just the beginning’ is an old-new song from the album Just the Beginning. Old because it was released in 2008 but it’s still as new because it still speaks volumes to the lives of people. I’m a testimony!

My first encounter was shortly after its release. I think I first heard it from my school’s choir and I thought it was a beautiful song but it really didn’t minister to me until a number of years later.

The Holy Spirit had instructed me to review this song today and it wasn’t until I started out that I realized that it also speaks a lot about prophesying which we discussed three days ago on Meditation Monday. It’s still available for you to read.

I’ll review this song under the following themes:

Brighter future:

The song writer starts by saying, “just the beginning there’s so much more ,God has in store”. That’s like, I have experienced God’s blessings but I know He still has a truck load of more blessings for me. Lines such as “you haven’t seen your best days yet”, “ you haven’t seen your greatest victories yet” are lavishly repeated in this song.


There’s an acknowledgement of the faithfulness of God through these lines:  “He’s done incredible things”, “God’s been good to you”, “God’s been faithful to you.”


The song writer admonishes that you should not settle for less because “in your heart you know what God has promised you.” Although, you may have seen a bit of that promise being fulfilled but it’s needless to settle when God still has so much in store for you. He’s promised to give you your home this year but it hasn’t happened. Meanwhile, you also have enough to renew your tenancy for a longer period. He’s not about to go back on His promise to you. He doesn’t even have that ability.So you should “never compromise or settle for less than you do.” I think this is my best line because it’s such a profound warning. Don’t you even dare give up.

The song ends with some lines of admonition and reassurance from the scriptures. It tells you “your finest hour is on the way”, “don’t despise your small beginnings”, “He who hath began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.”

Are you depressed, weighed down by life’s situations, stuck in that challenge or you feel you’ve just had enough. I recommend this song. It’s also for you if just need to be reassured of God’s promise to you.

 It’s available for your listening pleasure on YouTube.

God’s blessings always,