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In August 2017, I got to attend a youth convention in my Church and honestly I can tell you that it was overtly impactful. I had attended a number in the past but this was just different. I think it was because I went expecting to get something this time around and I certainly did.

The theme for this year’s convention was “Empowered for the throne.” The International Youth Alive Convention is an annual event, organized by the Winners’ Chapel International (aka Living Faith Church).It usually takes place in August of every year. This year’s event held from 1st-5th August. Being a global event, there were participants from all over the world.

We’re reviewing the fourth day of the event, where the force of skill and discipline were taught. These were part of the enthronement series which were taught all through  the event.

**WARNING: These are very hard truths. If you are not very particular about living an impactful life, you might find these hard to swallow. But I still encourage you to read this and thereafter watch the video. It’s about 3 hours long, but i assure you that it’s totally worth your time.

The Force of Skill -Pastor Adekunle Adeyinka

  • Prayer is not a substitute for acquiring skills. Your skill is what distinguishes you.
  • There is never a skill you acquire that is a waste. It will always come in handy to complement your destiny, thus leading to your enthronement. The best time to learn a skill is now.
  • As a youth, never give room for idle moments. Always see to it that you’re positively engaged at every point in your life.
  • Enthronement is opportunity plus preparation. Stay prepared by gathering as many skills as you can, you never know when an opportunity would present itself. However, ensure you’re committed to one thing per-time. Gain total mastery over one skill before learning another.

The Force of Discipline- Bishop David Oyedepo

Childhood shows the man as the morning shows the day”-John Milton

  • Don’t miss your planting season so that you don’t weep during harvest. Your youthful season is the most crucial part of your life. Don’t waste it!
  • You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life. Not your parents, uncles or siblings are. Refuse to live your life to chance.
  • God does not enthrone groups. He only enthrones individuals. Refuse to live your life to chance.
  • Self-discipline is a deliberate choice for the profitable over the acceptable. It is being a law to oneself, operating as demanded not as convenient. There is nothing big that cannot get bigger; it’s all a function of discipline
  • You must display self-discipline through proper management of yourself, your time and task.

The participants were given tasks to complete after the convention. I’ll like you to do same.

  • Start by building your library:

Before you buy the next material item, ask yourself how much you’ve added to your library this year. Not just adding for the sake of addition but adding and applying the information obtained for want of a better life.

  • Be an expression of self-discipline:

This has been my tagline since the convention ended. An expression of self-discipline means you don’t have to tell people, “hey, I am the most disciplined person around here.” They should be able to tell through your actions. When next you need to do something or go somewhere, ask yourself:is this profitable or acceptable? How much good is this to me? Begin to budget your time just like you do your funds.  You’ll see how much more you can achieve within 24 hours.

Pheww!! I’m finding it hard to end this particular review because it is still a blessing to me. It’s part of the series of encounters through which 1nebody was birth; hence so personal.

Have a listen. Download it better still. Just keep listening over and over; you’ll see your life get transformed before your very eyes. Can’t wait to hear your enthronement testimonies.

 It’s still your week of grace and glory.

God’s blessings always,