One of the dictionary definitions of the word “wait” is to remain in readiness for a purpose. Deep, right?

In today’s meditation, we’re taking lessons from one of the greatest men that ever lived. A worshiper par excellence, a man of great depth,  lover, song writer, poet, warrior… (an endless list but we’ll stick to these). You sure already know whom I am referring to. Yes, it’s King David.

We’re learning from one of his several songs ; Psalm 62.

David in the initial verses tells us how God is his all.  “My rock, my salvation, my defence;” as a result, “I shall not be greatly moved.” That’s humongous , isn’ t it? I know God is all these to me and so in the face of trials I cannot be greatly moved. It might move me a little but hey that’s the worst that can happen.

In verse 5, he starts to  soliloquize. He says to himself, “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” (KJV)  (I encourage you to check a number of other translations )

PS 62 V 5

Take a deep breath. Slowly read this verse to yourself again. And again. Does it tell you something?

Let’s draw some lessons, shall we?

Your expectation can be fulfilled only by God:

He alone can grant it. A knowledge of this will spare you lots of disappointment because you will no longer have to look up to anyone to fulfill your expectation(s). Many times, your requests are beyond what these people can do for you but you have failed to tell yourself the truth.

No alternatives:

Remember God is a jealous God. He really loathes when you belittle His power. You ask Him for something but at the back of your mind, “in case God doesn’t answer me by October 31st, I have to get help from my Uncle XYZ” God would rather you acted like David and say to him “My soul waits only upon you for my expectation is from you”.

Waiting, however is not sitting, arms folded, legs crossed, sipping a cup of coffee and refusing to take any action. It is doing your part with total commitment while waiting on God to do his.The beautiful thing about waiting on Him is that He always shows up big. Sort of compensating you for the seemingly lost time.

Do remember that God is never late. He’ll always come through but are you willing to wait on Him? No alternatives?

**My Pastor declared the week as my week of “grace and glory”.Thought you might need some dose of it too. Plunge in if you do.

God’s blessings always