Hello, amazing people. Trust you have been practising letting God know about your desires and you’ve been receiving answers  to same. You could still catch up if you are yet to read Monday’s post.

It’s another review day and we would be reviewing the title above by Reverend Kenneth Hagin. The first edition of “The Believer’s Authority” was written as far back as 1967. Whoops, that’s exactly 50 years ago.  In 1984, a second edition was published. Here, the author included more insight he had received on the subject of authority.  A beautiful thing about this book is that, it is available in several versions: Pdf, Video, paperback. Certainly, one of these would suit you best. The paperback should be available in bookshops around you (depending on what part of the world you are in).  Better still, you could get it on Amazon for about $5.21.  Very affordable. It is a product of Faith Library Publications, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

“The Believer’s Authority” is a 72-page book, written in eight chapters. We’ll review the first four chapters today and the remaining four next week.

An understanding of this subject of authority will put you on a flight as a believer. Fasten your seat belts if you’re set for this flight.

The author starts by referring the reader to the book of Ephesians (especially chapters 1-3). A thorough understanding of these chapters, according to him unveils the authority of the believer. As advised by the author, have a read and re-read of these chapters; it will change your orientation.
Let’s take some lessons:

  1. The authority over the devil belongs to ALL children of God. That is to say, it is not for a select few. You are not different from those men of God whom you revere in matters of the spirit. Upon redemption, you received power and authority over the devil and his cohorts. The knowledge of this is very vital as it forms the foundation of your operation as a child of God. However, it does not end at the foundation. It takes applied knowledge to erect a building from the already established foundation. Don’ t forget the Bible says, “my people perish for lack of knowledge” My people is the key phrase here. It’s not the sinners who perish but God’s own people. Many consistently find themselves under the bondage of the devil because they lack understanding of who they really are in Christ.
  2.  The value of authority rests on the power behind that authority. A scenario of a police man who is controlling traffic plays out here. You obey this person because of the power backing him. Without his uniform, you will most likely not pay attention to him if he tries to stop you. Now, see Jesus as the government who has given this officer the ‘power’ to control the highways. Jesus is the power behind the authority you have as a child of God. His death and resurrection gives you authority over the devil. Can you declare in confidence, “I have authority.”
  3. The average Christian has more faith in satan’s authority than in God’s. It is impossible to understand the authority you have as a child of God with your intellect . It takes faith to understand your covenant rights. God has already conferred authority on you. The reason that challenge has persisted is because you have allowed it. Take charge! Demand your rights in the name of Jesus.
  4. You can and should rise up against the devil. You are not ordained to “barely-get-along”. Remember that you are seated with Christ in heavenly places, far above principalities and powers. You are a member of the body of Christ. Jesus is the head, you are the body. Even in the physical, the head cannot be disassociated from the body. Why then do you think you are powerless? Quit being religious about it. Jesus died on the cross but He’s now resurrected and seated on the throne. Why are you still at the cross when Jesus is already on the throne.

Think on these things. We’ll take it up from here next week God’s willing. Meanwhile, it would be great if you got to access the book through whatever medium suits you best.
God’s blessings always,