So many times we are encumbered with the cares of the world so much that we don’t appreciate God’s gifts to us.

When last did you take a break from your busy schedule to appreciate the beauty of nature. Well, our guest today is one with a knack for capturing nature.Like King David in the Bible she is intentional about “considering the heavens, the work of God’s fingers, the moon and stars.” (Psalm 8:3)

This week we are delighted to introduce to you, Adenrele Owoyemi; CEO rele.owoyemi photography. Although her first and second degrees are in Mathematics, Rele has gradually made her way to the photography world.  Her rendition:


The official journey started in June 2017. I was simply staring out when I noticed how beautiful the clouds were.I decided to take a picture and I loved it.Everyone I got to show it too had something beautiful to say.That’s how it started. I had a camera as an undergraduate and I have loved taking pictures since then, but it was just a hobby.I did nothing about it until this picture was taken.

Afterwards, it dawned on me to get serious with it.I started reading about photography, editing and else in between.
I am at a point in my life where I am gradually discovering myself.I have taken the passenger seat and asked God to take over the driver’s seat. I trust Him to lead and guide me to my glorious destiny.

The beauty of creation is what fascinates me. I have started taking portraits, covering events and other activities but the best aspect of my job is capturing nature.Apart from making me wonder at creation and getting others to do same, it is relatively easy to edit.I mean, it is already so beautiful.It might only require minor touches here and there.


Consistency has been a vital lesson I have learnt in the past few months.I grew from convincing my parents to getting them to appreciate my work.It was not a jolly-good ride considering my educational background and their expectarions from me  career wise.I am thankful that they have become so supportive.  I have learnt to consistently give in my best.It has cost me sleepless nights trying to study what works and doesn’t . I have seen myself grow from the timid me to facing a crowd to take shots.

Many times I sit back and think to myself how much God has helped me with in such a short time. Like I said, it’s a journey and I have decided to soak in every good experience and learn from the not-so-pleasant ones.