Hello there, trust you have had a great week so far. Many thanks once again for stopping by. It’s another Review Thursday and we are continuing from where we left off last week. We are reviewing chapters 5-8 of Kenneth Hagin’s ‘The Believer’s Authority’. If you’re yet to read part 1 of the review, please do so for better understanding.

I am really eager to have us exercise our authority as believers. Let’s go on without much ado:


Just like it applies in the natural, the President of Nigeria is only as powerful within the confines of Nigeria. As close as Cameroon is to Nigeria, the President’s word is not binding over any part of Cameroon. Why? It is outside his jurisdiction. As believers, we have our jurisdictions. We are responsible over our lives, families and if you’re a shepherd, you’re responsible over your flock. You need to identify your jurisdiction and take charge. Let the enemy know that it’s been clearly marked as a DANGER ZONE. Within your jurisdiction, there might be baby Christians. These ones, you are also responsible for ;but for a while. Spiritual babies must grow just like natural babies grow.While they are babies, you are allowed to ‘carry’ them in matters of the spirit until they can fend for themselves. Have you found yourself praying for someone, yet nothing is changing. Well, it’s because the person’s will is also important. That person’s will may not agree with your prayers, hence the status quo.


Remember God’s word in Matthew 18:18, ‘Verily I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.’ (King James Version)

‘Ye’ in this verse actually means ‘you.’ Know today that you are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life. Yes, you are. Not God, angels or even demonic forces. God already gave you authority over the devil. He has also given you the responsibility to bind and loose here on earth. It is only after you’ve done this that God backs you up. That’s why that situation has remained for so long. You’ve been saying to others that “you are waiting on God.” Meanwhile God is actually waiting on you to take steps and He’ll back you up.


The word of God is the answer to any and every issue of life. Many of us today are ignorant of our enviable destinies because we do not have understanding of the word of God. You are not to run away from the devil, he’s to flee from you. However, he’ll continue to have a filled day as long as you are ignorant. Get into the word of God and get first-hand knowledge for yourself. God cannot fail you. He is the constant, you are the variable. Your faith is directly proportional to the word of God stored up on your inside.Get your faith built up through the word!


Now that you know that the devil is a complete weakling and not half as strong as you thought; you have his wings nipped alright but he’ll try to challenge your knowledge. He knows that you’ve been feeding on the word. He knows you have been exposed to your authority as a believer. He is going to launch attacks at you simply because you are trying to challenge his authority in your jurisdiction. Challenging times are not times to throw in the towel and give up; it is time to attack as well from the capacity you have built up. Don’t you dare give in. You know he’s going to try, so live ready!

Are you a believer? Are you willing to exercise your authority? If your answers are ‘yes’, then this book is a must read. I recommend it a million and one times. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget it’s available in print, pdf and audio versions.

Don’t just try out your authority, start exercising it now.
God’s blessings always,