‘Olowogbogboro is turning things around for my good’…are you singing along already? I thought as much.
Today’s showcase edition has a twist to it. We’re showcasing the #HallelujahChallenge, championed by God himself through His servant, Minister Nathaniel Bassey. If you were a part of the June edition and have a testimony can I hear you say ‘aye’, if you have not seen any manifestations yet, say ‘nay’. And the ‘ayes’ have it!!!
Well someone is asking how I can tell? I can because I have testimonies too which I will share shortly but first let’s showcase this.
The first edition of the Hallelujah challenge took place from 1st -30th June, 2017. On each of these days (apart from the festival), people around the globe met at 12 midnight Nigerian time to praise and worship the Almighty God. Just like every move of the Spirit, it generated so much controversy. Some said Minister Nathaniel was out for publicity, others said it was a bunch of Christians being fooled, some others said it was a show off. What they failed to realise was no natural mind could have made it happen.
A lot of people gave their lives to Christ, there were supernatural conceptions, miracle jobs, supernatural business breakthroughs, marital connections, academic exploits, deliverances, healings…so many diverse workings because God was evidently at work.
In case you missed out then, ‘Olowogbogboro’ (a yoruba word meaning-the one with the outstretched arm)is presenting us with another opportunity. However, this time the #HallelujahChallenge is coupled with prayer and fasting. It would run from 1st-21st November, 2017. Feel free to follow God’s servant, Minister Nathaniel Bassey on all social media platforms to get first hand details of the challenge.
Note that #HallelujahChallenge is not a social club. It is also not any form of publicity stunt. It is all about the great God showing up for us in the midst of our praises. I still have my list of desires from the previous challenge and a good number of those items have become praise reports today. On the last day of the previous challenge, while the man of God made prophetic declarations; he talked about ‘God doing what eyes haven’t seen nor ears heard for those in the media’. That was one of the encounters that birth this blog. Hallelujah!!
November 1st is the start of another challenge. Don’t be told about it, be a partaker this time. Not because every one else around you seems to be a part of it but because you desire to see Olowogbogboro give you your ‘bottom pot’ blessings as the year gradually comes to an end.
God’s blessings always,