This cannot be happening. I know that guy very well. In fact I know the kind of life he lived. He ‘ managed’ to give his life to Christ only recently and he’s already testifying.Tell me God isn’t partial.Do you know how long I have been in this Church.I was part of those that carried the blocks used in building this Church yet God hasn’t given me the kind of his testimony.

Heard this line before? Lol. I have heard variants of it.

This narrative provides a background to today’s meditation. We are taking lessons from the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32.

It’s the story of a young man who asked for his share of his father’s property.Without much ado,his father gave to him. He went to a foreign land and squanders same with prostitutes. Famine came along and he no longer had anything including what to eat.He had to serve in a foreigner’s piggery but still, he was not permitted to eat from their feed. At this point, the Bible records that he thought to himself and decided to RETURN home. His father sighted him from afar; instead of being angry, he had compassion, ran to him, fell on his neck and kissed him. Try to re-play this in slow motion. Don’t forget it was his father, not his mother. This show of affection says a lot about the love of this father towards his ‘lost’ son. Within a few minutes, cows were being slaughtered, food,drinks, loud music everywhere. The loud music gets the attention of the older brother who was returning from the field. Upon inquiry, he is told his ‘prodigal’ younger brother is the reason for the celebration. Can you imagine? The same one who went away with his inheritance and squandered all he had is now back and hence this celebration? Whatever happened to me who has been diligently serving my father for so long. How come I have never been celebrated?


That person whom you think is unworthy of salvation has made peace with God without your knowledge (The older brother wasn’t in when his father welcomed his brother in that warm embrace. They had made peace with each other)

No matter how far you’ve gone and what you may have done wrong; God is willing and ready to have you back.

Like the older son, many of us are religiously serving God without knowing the benefits that accrue to us.

Instead of getting upset when God blesses your ‘prodigal brother’; rejoice with him and then demand yours. After all, He’s your father too.

My Pastor declared the week as my week of multiple blessings. I pray the same for you and yours.
God’s blessings always,