9th November, 2014. I literally froze when a friend told me Dr Myles Munroe had been involved in a plane crash. I hoped it was not true and there would be reports thereafter to say it was a mistake of some sort. Before long, the media was awash with the story of the crash, it was real! Dr Myles Munroe, his beautiful wife and a couple of others died in that crash. I cried. Why should such a man be taken away like that. It’s exactly three years since their passage today. In honour of  Dr Munroe’s memory, 1nebody has dedicated the rest of this week to celebrate this legend who remains alive in our hearts.


On our review plate today is one of the messages by Late Dr Myles Munroe. Although targeted at men, women also have a lot to learn from it. As expected, it leaves you with a lot to ponder upon and most importantly a desire to identify your WORK. It’s about 84 minutes long but you would wish it went on for longer.

Grab your pen and note pad, let’s pick some lessons:

  1. Erroneously construed is the notion that a man is the head of the family.  Yes, I am sure you also thought so; but, according to God’s plan, man is the foundation upon which his family should be built. Satan is aware that when a man understands his spiritual responsibility, he can no longer operate in that family and the society at large. That’s why churches and worship houses have been and are still filled with more females than males (take a quick census of your local assembly if you can) The devil is intentionally keeping our men from understanding God’s plan. Let’s break it down. Why do you think most males would rather hang with the guys or watch a game instead of attending a Church service? Are the dots connecting now?
  2. You were created to dominate. Not other people though. You’re to dominate in your domain i.e your area of purpose. Like Kings rule in their Kingdoms, you are ordained to dominate in your God-given area.
  3. Your work is not your job. While your job is temporary, your work is the purpose for your existence. It is the reason God created you. A man’s work gives meaning to his existence. That is why God gave Adam his work before he gave him a wife. Don’t misplace your priorities, get to know your work first before looking out for a wife.
  4. God created the woman to help the man with his work. That woman is not into competition with you but when you leave her without something to help you with, she has to help herself out; which is why you are threatened by your wife’s accomplishments.
  5. Ladies, before consent to marrying a man; there are things you must find out. First, is he in God’s presence. Second, has he found his work yet? Third, can he cultivate/ care for you. Fourth, can he guard you. Fifth, does he have the ability to command. Sixth, is he responsible?  Getting deep right? The idea was to leave you wanting more.                                                                                                                                    There’s more where it came from.Please watch this message 200 million times (lol). Just trying to emphasize why you must watch this for yourself as soon as possible. Get every male whose interested in finding out his work to watch with you too.

Why not share the lessons you’ve learnt in the comment section. It’ll be great to hear from you. Also feel free to drop a prayer for the Munroe family as they mark the third year remembrance of their loved ones today.
God’s blessings always,