Hello there, trust you are very well? Thank you, thank you ( X infinity) for stopping by today. Last week Thursday, we discussed the need to identify your ‘ work’.  Today’s review is also along the same line, we are reviewing a message by Bishop David Abioye, titled “Exploring the breakthrough power of vision.” It’s in series and this is the third part but don’t worry about being lost, you will be just fine.

This message is targeted at those who fearful and lack requisite confidence to take steps; those who have maintained status quo because of the fear of the unknown. I honestly understand this feeling because I have been there. This message literally infuses boldness into you such that you find yourself being propelled to take steps towards the same thing you had been sorely afraid of. The message begins from 1:11:34 of this video but if you want to watch the entire service, you are welcome to do so.


  • Every man’s breakthrough answers to his personal vision. Vision is not fulfilled by collaborative efforts. You really don’t need majority votes to walk in God’s plan for your life. God + yourself= all you need. Bishop defines breakthrough in this context as obtaining results without sweat. Enjoying open doors, favour.
  • Breakthrough is actually God doing exploits through you. Elijah, Cyrus, Nehemiah succeeded by the hand of God. It’s not enough to hear the voice of God, His hand must be also be evident to make it happen. Note, however that God working through you isn’t a license to idleness.  God will not act until He sees you make a move. In Bishop Abioye’s words, “Doing something moves God to do every other thing. A man cannot do everything but every man can do something.”

Note that you can only breakthrough when you are in God’s plan for your life. Many are wondering, but how can I know God’s plan for my life?

  1. Be committed to finding the right way, ask God to show you.
  2. Believe that your future is in God’s plan

I honestly recommend that you listen to this message if you currently limited by fear or you just need a fresh inoculation of boldness. When you’re done listening and soaking it all in, you’ll see yourself taking giant strides by the help of God.

Common, it’s time to conquer!

God’s blessings always,