Helloooooo, compliments of the season. Yes, we are already in the best part of the year. May it be a season of glad tidings for you and yours.

Well, we are still very much in the Shiloh spirit. As such, today’s review will be from one of the sessions at Shiloh 2017.

‘The force of hope’ is the second teaching in the series, “Launching pads into realms of new dawn.” Thought to review this message because it totally ministered to me. It is undoubtedly a word in season for the troubled mind and one who is close to throwing in the towel. The Holy Spirit particularly spoke through this vessel to those who may be hopeless, those believing God for marital settlement, those having troubled marriages, amongst others.

If you fall into any of these categories, please listen to this message repeatedly until it enters into you and you also enter into it.

Let’s take some lessons:

1. The negative happenings all over world are scriptural but they don’t have to affect you.

2.There is no hopeless situation with God. Refuse to be hopeless; to be hopeless is to be helpless.

3. Singles,God’s blessing is closer to you than you can imagine.All you need is the opening of your spiritual eyes (Amen????)

4. Stealing another person’s mate or ruining another person’s marriage in a bid to get married is anti-covenant, stop it and stop it now!

To maintain your hope in God:

  • Have a mental picture of your desired future like Abraham; Gen 13:14-15. What do you see?
  • Feed on God’s word continuously

Benefits of living a life of hope

  • Supernatural joy; Habb 3:17
  • Freedom from depression
  • It empowers you to take appropriate steps

Enemies of Hope

  • Wrong association

Mama Oyedepo concludes this teaching by admonishing us to fight against every form of hopelessness.

Ready to fight?